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Circular: Standard: Defence Zoom & Teams Video Backgrounds   info
Defence Zoom & Teams Video Backgrounds
 06 December 2021  ID: 2021/01207

Circular: Standard: Prospect MOD Pay Claim 2021   info
Prospect MOD Pay Claim 2021
 08 July 2021  ID: 2021/00661

Circular: Standard: Integrated Defence Review - member feedback   info
Integrated Defence Review - member feedback
 14 June 2021  ID: 2021/00568


Review into the UK’s defence and security industrial strategy - Prospect submission   info
Prospect submission to the government's integrated defence review. The submission focuses on: The context of the defence review; The importance of a defence industrial strategy; Emerging technologies and skills; The importance of socio-economic factors; Nurturing the defence industrial base and The department’s role as an intelligent customer.
 12 October 2020 

Prospect submission of Defence Committee inquiry - Defence industrial policy: procurement and prosperity   info
Defence Committee inquiry on Defence industrial policy: procurement and prosperity.
 09 September 2019 

Prospect Submission to the 2015 SDSR Public Engagement   info
Prospect’s response is broken up into two sections. Section 1 we focus on the development of UK sovereign capability in defence equipment design and manufacturing. In Section 2 we highlight the need to retain an intelligent customer role for civilian personnel in the Ministry of Defence.
 30 October 2015