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Social value and the prosperity agenda in defence   info
In this report we analyse the social value test and discuss its limitations. We look at alternative ways of measuring the defence contribution to the UK economy and consider whether a more direct approach might be a better way of delivering prosperity to the communities that rely on defence work.
 03 December 2021 

MOD Group Annual Report 2020-2021   info
MOD Group Annual Report 2020-2021
 26 April 2021 

MOD Pay 2019 - Survey Responses   info
MOD Pay 2019 - Survey Responses
 07 February 2020 

MODEye Pay Special - February 2020   info
MODEye Pay Special - February 2020
 07 February 2020 

MoDEYE Autumn 2015 Edition   info
Autumn 2015 edition of MoDEYE
 04 November 2015 

Prospect Submission to the 2015 SDSR Public Engagement   info
Prospect’s response is broken up into two sections. Section 1 we focus on the development of UK sovereign capability in defence equipment design and manufacturing. In Section 2 we highlight the need to retain an intelligent customer role for civilian personnel in the Ministry of Defence.
 30 October 2015 

Prospect press release "Defence specialists: too valuable to strike, MOD agrees"   info
Scores of civilian specialists will be exempted from taking industrial action on 30 November because of their critical role in the department's operations in Afghanistan, elsewhere overseas and in the UK. National secretary Steve Jary said "These people are not the Whitehall bureaucrats of popular imagination but skilled specialists..."
 29 November 2011 

Prospect press release "Defence specialists: throw 'FATS' on the fire"   info
Prospect has warned today that the extent to which MOD has utilised outside technical assistance demonstrates how badly its plan to cut civilian staff has affected its ability to manage efficiently its equipment programme. Steve Jary, Prospect National Secretary said "When the department is faced with swingeing, across-the-board cuts the last thing it needs is a bill for £600m for outside technical assistance."
 18 November 2011 

Prospect press release "Nine out of Ten Defence Specialists Say Cuts Will Damage the Front Line"   info
Prospect, the union for 7000 specialists in the Ministry of Defence, says this month MOD starts the process of cutting its civilian staff by 30,000 posts. 3,000 staff will leave in October - the first wave - and many of them are not Whitehall bureaucrats but defence specialists from engineers to nuclear physicists. Prospect's brief survey showed that just 4% of members thought MOD's cuts could be achieved without damaging support to front-line troops.
 13 October 2011 

Prospect news release "Union warns MOD specialists vital for supply chain"   info
On 19 August 2011, Prospect welcomed the report of the Public Accounts Committee into the MOD's use of information to manage the defence logistics supply chain. Kevin McAlonan, Prospect negotiator, said "The report specifically highlights the need to retain 'key skilled staff in the supply chain management'. Yet these are the very people that the MOD is looking to shed..."
 22 August 2011 

Prospect press release "Civilian Cuts Threaten Capability of UK Armed Forces"   info
Prospect condemned the announcement by Ministry of Defence in a letter sent to all staff stating that a further 7,000 civilian staff are to be cut between 2015-2020. Steve Jary said "the department keeps announcing significant changes without consultation, not even advance notification."
 29 July 2011 

Cut waste not jobs - template   info
Template for reporting waste
 25 July 2011 

Prospect news release "Union Warns that Coulport Sell-off Threatens Safety"   info
Prospect will be holding a mass meeting of members today (1/7/11) to discuss MOD proposals to privatise their work and transfer the majority of staff to a consortium consisting of AWE, Babcock and Lockheed Martin
 01 July 2011 

Prospect news release "Union warns: MOD 'vested interests' may slow reform"   info
Prospect welcomed Lord Levene's Defence Reform Review but warned that the department faces huge challenges in its attempts to get to grips with structural problems. "The department risks losing its in-house expertise, just as it is required to deliver defence reform."
 27 June 2011 

Voluntary Early Release Scheme (VERS) - release numbers   info
Letter providing an update on number of applications, the availability of additional funding and outlining how the process will be taken forward.
 08 June 2011 

Prospect news release: Defence staff shocked as MOD doubles job losses   info
Prospect has learned that MOD is about to announce it will let 8,000 civilian staff go on early release in 2011-12.
 03 June 2011 

I'm Not A Number... I'm a defence scientist   info
Part of the I'm Not A Number campaign – Modern technology has tranformed the way our armed forces are equipped and operate. Without state-of-the-art support from scientists like Darren Coe, the UK would lose its leading edge in the field
 03 March 2011 

I'm Not A Number... I'm a defence engineer   info
Part of the I'm Not A Number campaign – It takes years of training to become a qualified defence engineer like Robert Wood. His skills and experience ensure the equipment used by our front line forces can meet the demands of modern warfare.
 03 March 2011 

Prospect News Release Union Warns that Fox 'Medicine Will Kill the Patient'   info
Prospect warns that the Defence Secretary's prescription to devolve more power to service chiefs and to cut MOD specialist civil servants by one third is a recipe for disaster. This is because "civil service specialists are the bulwark between the wildest fantasies of service chiefs and the taxpayer."
 22 February 2011 

Prospect submission to HoC DC - The SDSR and the NSS   info
Prospect's submission to the House of Commons Defence Committee inquiry into the SDSR and NSS.
 14 February 2011