Good work in MOD

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Prospect: Promoting Good Work in MoD

Even in these challenging times of change and cuts to civilian staffing, Prospect believes that MoD should strive to be a good place to work. As the union representing operations-critical specialist and professional staff, Prospect plays its part in ensuring that change is managed well and staff are supported at work. This page sets out the Good Work framework that informs Prospect's approach to representing MoD specialists and professionals.

 Getting your voice heard in MoD

Prospect meets with key decision-makers to make them aware of the concerns and interests of our members. From negotiations over terms and conditions to interrogating proposals for operational change, Prospect ensures that your views are taken into account and able to influence how MoD does business and manages staff.

 Giving you control at work

Further cuts to MoD’s civilian workforce will inevitably mean more pressure on specialist and professional staff and more workplace risk as people try to do the same or more with less resource. Prospect monitors feedback from members and engages with each TLB to make sure that workloads remain do-able, and union safety reps identify emerging problems to nip them in the bud.

 Promoting fairness, consistency and recognition of a  job well done

Pay restraint poses obvious challenges to rewarding specialist and professional staff for their contribution to the UK’s defence capability. But even a 1% budget can be spent well or poorly. In 2015, Prospect led the way in securing improvements to MoD’s original offer, resulting in a better pay increase for nearly 60% of staff. Prospect actively promotes equality, diversity and inclusion within MoD, making sure that all our members can achieve their full potential and that their abilities are appreciated.

 Recognising that your time is precious

Prospect advocates the use of flexible working practices so that our members can get the right balance between working effectively and spending time with families and friends. Prospect successfully supports members in requests for flexible working arrangements by making strong business cases that take account of MoD operational requirements.

 Working for trust in a high-performance culture

The forced or ‘guided’ distribution approach to performance management has regrettably undermined trust in MoD, as in other parts of the Civil Service. Prospect has consistently argued that forced distribution compromises the integrity of everyone involved and undermines high performance. We will continue to make the case for MoD to trust its specialist and professional staff to do their work to the highest standards and the best of their ability, and to be appraised accordingly.

 Making the case for interesting and fulfilling jobs

Prospect members thrive in an environment where they enjoy autonomy at work and are able to use their initiative and discretion. Prospect works with MoD to promote a positive, supportive culture where highly-skilled staff have the opportunity to develop their capabilities and their careers.


Together, Prospect’s network of defence specialists and professionals makes a real difference in MoD. The more members we have, the stronger your voice - ask your colleagues to join Prospect at