Why MoD civilians join Prospect

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Why MoD civilians join Prospect

Every day, professionals and specialists working in MoD TLBs, MoD agencies and trading funds, and DE&S join Prospect. Why? Here are some of the things people who have joined recently told us about why they decided to become Prospect members.

"Tough times… Looking for Prospect to assist all during cuts to staffing levels and funding."

"The decent and candid talk I had with my local rep about an issue at work."

"Peace of mind with current business changes, having the opportunity to express my opinions."

"A friend is being supported by the union and it made me think I’d like the safety net."

"To have support if required and support fellow colleagues in the workplace."

Whatever your reason, you can join Prospect on line now. Your membership will begin right away and you'll be assigned to the branch for your employer or TLB. Prospect will send you a new joiners' pack to get you started, and you can register with our web site to get access to members-only information and resources.