MOD Performance management

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Performance Management in MoD

A fresh start from April 2017

You spoke, we acted - Prospect's campaign to get rid of relative assessment and forced distribution of performance markings has succeeded. Negotiations with MoD have resulted in a new approach to performance management to take effect from April 2017.

Key features of the new system are:

  • emphasis on dialogue between you and your line manager, focusing on your own work and your own objectives;
  • objectives can reflect your functional competencies, rather than just the core Civil Service competencies;
  • objectives can be signed off or adjusted during the year to reflect the realities of your job requirements;
  • no quotas for year-end outcomes.

Prospect believes that this represents a real step forward from the discredited system that has been in use since 2013.

Your appraisal this year

For this year's appraisal, the old Performance Management system will still be in place. This is unfortunate, and Prospect argued in negotiations that the new system could be used for year-end reports. However, this was thought to be too confusing, as staff and their managers would already be working to the existing performance management document.

Prospect's advice on how to get the best out of performance management, this year and in the future, is available on these pages to members only.

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