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Tackling school exclusions needs funding and resources

Problem of school exclusions will not be solved without extra resources

Sitting an exam

Sats exams are for the schools, not for pupils

"At the moment you have tests which are taken at the end of primary school…and one of the many concerns that people have is that that completely narrows teaching during the final year of primary school."

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Whitehall secrecy on fate of struggling schools is unsustainable

England’s system for deciding struggling schools’ futures, now effectively run in-house and in private by the Department for Education, has serious questions to answer.

Child in need

Will the interim findings on Children in Need make any difference?

“Although this blog is being published under my name, it is the work of an anonymous contributor who is a Prospect member with frontline experience and expertise of many of the issues raised in the DfE consultation. This blog is their personal reaction and analysis of the consultation’s interim findings....

Derelict School

Schools without a home

Why are new schools being opened on temporary sites, sometimes before planning permission for their permanent homes has been given, and with the prospect of years of uncertainty over their long-term location?

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Has peace broken out between Ofsted and regional schools commissioners?

Does the recent decision of Damian Hinds, the education secretary, to remove an overlap between the roles of Ofsted and the government’s Regional Schools Commissioners (RSCs) signal a final end to years of behind-the-scenes skirmishes between English schools’ two most influential bodies?

Academies newspaper clippings

Will failing academies pave the way for greater local authority involvement?

The issue of the merits of local authority oversight versus ministers’ favoured approach, which sees charitable trusts running schools subject to monitoring by central government, is back in the spotlight after a major academy chain failed.

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Extra government funding, so an end to school cuts? It seems not.

England’s schools were given what seemed a boost as they broke up for the summer, when the education secretary Justine Greening announced an “extra” £1.3bn a year over the next two years. But will it be enough to cover fast-increasing costs in all cases?

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Will voters’ show of strength translate into more money for schools?

Where now for education policy in England? Many will wonder, after a general election that unexpectedly delivered a near-knockout blow to Theresa May, and where school funding cut through as one of the leading issues of concern for voters.

A blackboard with 2 + 2 = ? written on it

Questionable calculations on education: electorate deserves much better

Does the public have the right to expect honesty from politicians as they set out their plans for the next parliament in their general election manifestos?