Pay and allowances


Pay and allowances

We believe our members are entitled to good working conditions, manageable workloads that enable them to work effectively and safely, and effective pay structures that reward them fairly

We work hard to protect these key rights at a time when they are all under threat, by:

  • having the largest representation of the 4 professional bodies on the Soulbury Committee, which negotiates salaries and conditions of service for local authority educational advisory and other specific professional staffs
  • working locally to protect and improve pay terms and conditions
  • lobbying and campaigning nationally, alongside other trade unions, to protect public services, and public service employment, in the face of threatened cuts to jobs services, pensions and contracts

If local employers seek to change national agreements you should contact the ECS Group Helpdesk on 01924 207890 or

Job evaluation

Job evaluation linked to the single pay spine in local government has become an issue in a small number of authorities. Most of those directly involved with the delivery of school-based education and related services, but employed centrally by local authorities, are covered by the Soulbury Pay Agreement, which provides for national pay spines with rules as to how jobs of particular levels (for example, advisers, senior advisers, principal advisers, or educational psychologists) should be allocated to spine points, but allowing considerable flexibility to the employer.

A small number are graded via the Local Government Services NJC 'single status' agreement, which allows local authorities to develop their own grading and pay structures for this group of employees, following a grading review. Some may be on individual contracts. Those graded by the NJS single status agreement are primarily graded through the NJC job evaluation scheme or via Hay.

Both schemes present significant problems for the fair and equitable grading of professionals who work autonomously, such as school improvement and related staff, within local government. If you require support with job evaluation please contact the ECS Group Helpdesk on 01924 207890 or

Health and safety

Health and safety, including issues such as stress and bullying, is a major concern for ECS Group members. You'll find a range of helpful advice in the health and safety area of our site.


Equality is central to our professional work. It is also an indispensable element of our work representing members. The ECS group's equality pages are currently being completely overhauled. In the meantime you can find useful advice on Prospect's main equalities page, and on the TUC and Equality and Human Rights Commission websites.

Continuous service for contractual purposes

When staff are employed by a local authority or another employer covered by the Modification Order then under paragraph 14 of Part 2 of the Green Book governing terms and conditions for local authority staff , continuous service with any body on the Modification Order counts for the purposes of annual leave, the occupational sickness scheme and the occupational maternity scheme. Other schemes of conditions of service contain similar provisions. Where an employee is transferred under TUPE and returns voluntarily to local government within five years, continuity of service for contractual purposes is preserved. For further information on this provision see NJC Circular 1/03 for Local Government Services Staff.

This provision applies to ECS Group members, whether they are employed under the Green Book or Soulbury. The Local Government Association website has helpful guidance on other aspects of the Modification Order, especially its relevance in redundancies

Car allowances

Increasing numbers of councils are seeing cuts in car allowances or restrictions on essential user status as another way to cut our incomes.