The Soulbury Committee is a collective bargaining forum for the negotiation of salaries and conditions of service for local authority educational advisory staff and other specific professional staffs.

There are three professional bodies represented on the Soulbury committee:

  • educational improvement and other children’s services professionals represented by Prospect’s Education and Children’s Services group
  • educational psychologists represented by the Association of Educational Psychologists
  • relevant professionals represented by the National Union of Teachers.

The ECS group of Prospect has the largest representation of these professional bodies.

Stuctured professional assessment (SPA)

The ECS Group has produced advice on securing Structured Professional Assessment (SPA) pay points for members employed in local authorities and related organisations under Soulbury Committee terms and conditions of employment.

This ECS Group guidance covers all three of the SPA points currently available under national Soulbury Committee agreements, and provides concrete examples of good local practice in the implementation of these arrangements.

To obtain a copy of The SPA Handbook please contact the ECS Group Helpdesk on 01924 207890 or email

Soulbury pay agreement

Many of our members' pay terms and conditions are governed by the national Soulbury Committee. The latest Soulbury agreement was published in March 2019.

Related Soulbury Documents

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Download now: Paper containing the Soulbury committee joint education circular no 207 including the 2017 Soulbury Agreement Soulbury Committee JESC no 207 18 May 2017