Civil service ballot

CSCS ballot details

The Cabinet Office wrote to the civil service trade unions with the details of a final offer on changes to the Civil Service Compensation Scheme and a new protocol for civil service redundancy principles on 26 September 2016.

This offer represents the culmination of a long and difficult process that started when the government decided to renege on a 2010 agreement on CSCS reform and attack the compensation that civil servants receive on redundancy.

Although the terms are substantially better than the government’s initial proposals, the final offer involves unreasonable and unfair reductions in redundancy compensation.

Lobbying and engagement by Prospect members, representatives and officials and colleagues from other civil service trade unions shifted the government from its original position.

The Cabinet Office has made many of the improvements to the terms secured during this process conditional on a sufficient number of trade unions accepting the offer.

The question is whether members can secure a better outcome by agreeing to the final offer or through other means (eg industrial action).  

This decision is properly one for Prospect members and they will be balloted shortly.

An electronic ballot of those members affected by these changes will begin on 10 October and closing on 31 October.

Prospect will provide as much background information, detail on the proposals, examples and FAQs as we can to help members decide how to vote.