Science, research and innovation are vital to the UK's economic growth. They have the potential to find the answers today to the problems of tomorrow

More than 80,000 Prospect members work for employers that carry out science, engineering or technology functions. Prospect campaigns on their behalf for decent pay and careers, a stable work environment and recognition of the crucial role played by science for the public good.

The challenges for science, engineering and technology include:

microscope and eye
  • Providing the best protection and defence systems for our armed forces 
  • Tackling the environmental challenges that affect our country and planet
  • Producing the quantities of safe food needed to feed a growing population
  • Developing the best energy mix for the UK over the coming decades
  • Providing the transport solutions needed to keep the economy turning
  • Developing the technology needed to underpin digital Britain and the web-based economy
  • Delivering better health for the population.