IT and telecoms

On these pages you can find out more about our work in the IT and telecoms industry

Prospect represents over 16,000 people working within IT and telecoms. In this fast moving, ever changing industry we are on your side ensuring the best possible deal for employees. We have experience and expertise dealing with organisational change, resourcing, pay and bonus systems, career development and assessment and pensions. 

Man and cables

Our IT and telecoms members work across a range of companies, including:

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In most of these companies we are formally recognised and the company will consult with us before making any significant decisions that will affect employees. Because we represent the whole workforce we can have a stronger voice and secure better conditions than someone acting alone.

But even where the union has not attained recognition, employees still benefit by being part of a union. If one of our members gets into trouble or difficulties at work, we are able to ensure that person has specialist advice and support available to them. It is far harder to walk all over an employee who has the backing of a union. And as more members join, we can build up sufficient support to win recognition and get the other benefits too.

A voice in the industry

We make our members' voices heard by talking to the people who make key decisions that will affect our members' lives. Government policy and regulation shape our industry nationally and internationally - we work to ensure an effective voice for employees in the development of future regulations.