Telefonica Agreements

Telefonica UK/ O2 Agreements

The union has a wide range of agreements with O2 which cover all the important aspects of your life at work. You will find a selection of the most important here, along with other related advice from the union.

Whether you work at home, in an office, or even from your car, your working life is covered by a series of agreements negotiated by O2 and the union. There are in place to ensure that you

  • Work in a safe environment
  • Don't face discrimination
  • Know how things work if something goes wrong
  • Know that you will get a fair hearing if you need to raise an issue
  • Understand how things like voluntary redundancy work

You can find the text of all of the procedures and policies on O2's intranet but we have brough together the most important here. If you have any questions, please contact your branch or our helpdesk. If you are facing problems at work, do contact the union as soon as possible so that we can help; often a confidential chat with a Prospect rep canprovide you with the information you need to resolve things quickly.