In this section you can find out all about the Connect Sector's international work.

This includes our affiliation to UNI Global Union, which is a forum allowing us to work with ICT unions across the world. You can also find out about the support you can get if you plan to go and work abroad for part of your career.

UNI - the global union

The IT and telecoms industry is a truly international one. Run by transnational companies using technologies with a global reach, our sector transcends national boundaries. Many of the issues that affect our members at work are therefore not unique to the UK. That's why the union is affiliated to UNI Global Union – the global federation which brings together 900 unions with 20 million members working in the services sector from every part of the world.

UNI offers a forum in which we can learn from each other and where we can try to find global solutions to problems that simply cannot be solved on a national basis. It provides a means to meet employers at European and international levels and to develop a dialogue with bodies such as the European Commission and the ILO. In this way Prospect seeks to represent our members on matters such as European regulation and employment rights and standards.

UNI is organised on regional and sectoral lines. Prospect is primarily involved in European and ICT activities. At a European level we take part in the process of social dialogue which brings together unions, employers and the European Commission(EC) to discuss matters of common concern. These include skills, health and safety and next generation networks – fixed and mobile. We also seek directly to influence the EC's approach to "Digital Europe" and the roll out of fast broadband to make sure that European policy and decision makers take account of employee interests across the region.

Our work within the ICT sector focusses on supporting UNI in its efforts to make and enforce global agreements with transnational companies whose purpose is to maintain decent employment standards and respect for trade unions and collective bargaining across the world. We work collectively within UNI and also bilaterally with other unions, for example, the Communication Workers of America, to promote and protect members' interests.

We also work specifically within UNI on matters affecting managers and professionals. ICT is a professionalised sector where issues such as standards of conduct, skills development, performance management, work/life balance and reward schemes are central to the working lives of our members. We seek to identify and extend best practice and engage with employers on these matters.

Our alliance with UNI also means that our members can benefit from union assistance if they move abroad. Members can log in to see 'Working abroad' for more details.