Day of action: messages from the frontline

30 November day of action: reports from the frontline

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Frontline reports

Scottish Natural Heritage, Inverness

Scottish Natural Heritage rep Nina Turner reports that no Prospect members turned up for work in Great Glen House, Inverness. Three Prospect reps and two members helped with the picket, and about 10 other members joined them for an unofficial walk past Danny Alexander's office, and then on to the rally in the town. They made it onto STV news and photos on the BBC website.Though disappointed that an advertised official march did not occur they staged their own peaceful march along the pedestrian bits of Inverness town centre, along with about...

Photos from the strike action

Many thanks to everybody who sent us their photos. We've put some of them on Flickr so you can all see them. Have a look at the slideshows.

Nuclear specialists join day of action

Members in the National Nuclear Laboratory (NNL) began picketing outside the Sellafield site at 5.30am. National Secretary Mike Graham said: " It wasn't our aim to disrupt the site but at one stage traffic was queued back over four miles to Egremont in Cumbria as people stopped at the gate to receive our leaflets explaining the action."NNL members also set up pickets at the Workington Laboratory, Cumbria; Preston Laboratory on the Springfields Fuels site; and Birchwood Park near Warrington. Prospect negotiator Gill Wood said the atmosphere...

Belfast report

There was a healthy turnout of Prospect members from various branches at Belfast Central Station (itself closed for the day by strike action) for one of five feeder parades to a rally at Belfast City Hall. This was one of eight rallies across Northern Ireland co-ordinated by the Irish Congress of Trade Unions. Striking members, many of whom had come directly from picket lines, were joined by Prospect members from various parts of the private sector showing their solidarity. At the City Hall rally, the marchers joined thousands of other people to hear speeches from a range of strikers, and...


March and demo was first class. Police reckon 30,000 in attendance. I did the BBC interviews seemed to go OK. Good turn out from Prospect 20+ on picket line with about double that on the march from Highways, ORR, HSE, English heritage to name a few. Power to the people.

Gloucester Report

My day began with visits to picket lines in Gloucester. Firstly to see some old friends from Unison and UCU at Gloucesteshire College. Although its the lecturers and staff at the college that are affected, it was striking to see the level of interest in the dispute amongst the students, who were all keen to take leaflets and express their support.Next port of call was the big one - Gloucestershire Royal Hospital. Its sad to see such a wonderful establishment being laid low by such cuts to staffing and ward closures. I was heavily involved in getting funds for the...

20,000 at Bristol rally

Deputy General Secretary Dai Hudd joined Prospect members on the picket line at Abbey Wood, north Bristol before moving to Bristol City centre for a rally of 30 unions assembling at college green at 1100 on Wednesday 30 November. A large group of Prospect members from the Bristol area gathered in brilliant sunshine under the Prospect banner, together with the staff of the Prospect West Regional Office. A huge crowd - estimated at 20,000 - marched from College Green through the town centre to gather at Castle Park. Dai was amongst a number of Union Officials to address members of...

Glasgow rally is 'massive'

Prospect members from Faslane naval base, the Scottish Government, Scottish Natural Heritage and Health and Safety Executive are among 200 or so members who've turned up for the demonstration in Glasgow which is the biggest I've seen in years. It's so big it took an hour for the march to start, we've been walking for half an hour and we are only halfway round the march route. It's massive.

London: COI

A great Prospect presence outside the Central Office of Information, where staff were also recently issued with notice of redundancy. "We're getting screwed from all directions," said a COI member. "I think it's completely unfair that we should be made to pay more for less pensions, and outrageous to justify that on the basis that everyone else is worse off. That's shocking logic. How does more impoverishment benefit the country? The government has had it in for us from the start, first with the compensation scheme, now this."Marc Michaels, director of direct marketing and evaluation, said: "I'm not just here...

DfT and Home Office picket reports

Prospect members on pickets outside the Home Office and Department for Transport in London reported strong support for the day of action, with many taking part in a strike for the first time. Outside the Home Office building Levin Wheller said he felt forced to take part because of the "unprecedented attack on terms, conditions and salaries," adding: "We are being asked to take the brunt of the costs that are not our fault. This problem is not of our making yet we are being ask to pay more than most and it is just not fair."Wheller said any...