Prospect pioneers

Celebrating pioneering women

100 years ago most women who worked were in domestic service. Those with appropriate qualifications could make it into the lower ranks of teaching, nursing and secretarial work. Today, women make up half the workforce, but patterns of work remain very different and gender segregation is still far too prevalent.

Across Prospect, there are shining examples of women working in male-dominated industries including energy, defence, telecoms, transport, marine and public services.

To celebrate their success and help inspire the next generation to follow their talents, we commissioned a photographer to take pictures of some of our women members, and compiled them into a 2014 calendar.

You can read about each of our pioneers online – their profiles record their work status at 2014. 

Prospect pioneers calendar

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Eleanor Wade Sara Scuffell Beshlie Pool Dawn Lakin Linda and Mavis Dany Cotton Kate Moran Jennifer Clark Fiona Simpson Lindsay Chapman Catherine Beresford Laurence Hamai