Work-life balance

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WorkTime YourTime

Are you in control of your work/life balance? Or is work controlling you? We have the resources to help you take stock, regain control by taking action for yourself, and work together to change things.

Prospect's WorkTime, YourTime initiative aims to:

  • Prompt you to consider whether your work/life balance is the best you can achieve. Even if you think it's about right, you may want to take stock and check that it's good for you, your family, your community and even your employer.
  • Support reps in local campaigns and negotiations which seek to secure a flexible and healthy work/life balance for everyone. 
  • Provide flexible work options, because we all have different demands and needs.

Taking stock

Press the pause button for a moment and take stock.

Use our simple hours check calculator and see how many extra days you are working for free.

Keep track of your hours over a longer period.

Taking control

Sometimes the most simple changes can help you regain that feeling of control.

Time off in lieu arrangements provide a flexible work time account for you and your employer to manage peaks and troughs.

Alternatively flexible working/flexitime may apply in your area.

Making bigger changes

You might want to make some more significant changes to your working pattern so we have put together some good practice information on different forms of flexible working.

Home-based working

Annual hours

Job sharing

Career breaks

Working together to change things

We've put together ideas on how you can best raise issues yourself, either within your team or working together with other Prospect members.

Raising issues with your line manager

Putting a case together

Your campaign


Prospect has produced a range of WorkTime YourTime resources you can use to campaign for a work/life balance.