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2017/00918 Information update (News) Challenge the culture of long hours 16 June 2017
2017/00911 Information update (News) Non-consolidated payments undermine career average pension schemes 16 June 2017
2017/00917 Information update (News) MyCSP under fire 16 June 2017
2017/00916 Information update (News) No more changes to our pensions, delegates agree 16 June 2017
2017/00920 Information update (News) Turn government science blueprint into action 16 June 2017
2017/00922 Information update (News) Reach out to apprentices in the civil service 16 June 2017
2017/00925 Information update (News) Scotland's "more enlightened" attitude to unions 16 June 2017
2017/00923 Information update (News) Extend validity of promotion tests 16 June 2017
2017/00924 Information update (News) Subsistence allowances do not reflect real costs 16 June 2017
2017/00926 Information update (News) House building – an excuse to close defence sites 16 June 2017
2017/00838 Information update (News) SNP "Fair Pay" boost for Prospect members 30 May 2017
2017/00809 Information update (News) Changes to off-payroll working in the public sector 24 May 2017
2017/00789 Information update (News) A strong and stable government needs a strong and stable civil service 18 May 2017
2017/00768 Information update (News) First Minister agrees to look at union proposals on pay 12 May 2017
2017/00676 News release Civil service pay cap fails to address skills gap 21 April 2017
2017/00673 Information update (News) Civil service pay cap fails to address skills gap 21 April 2017
2017/00620 Information update (News) Supreme Court upholds principle of indirect discrimination in landmark case 05 April 2017
2017/00574 Information update (News) Civil service lacks resources to handle Article 50 negotiations, warns Prospect 29 March 2017
2017/00563 Information update (News) UK will lose out in Brexit negotiations without specialist skills 24 March 2017
2017/00454 Information update (News) Government playing political football with public servants' pay 08 March 2017
2017/00371 News round-up Prospect news for members in public services 21 February 2017
2017/00319 Information update (News) Talks on national vacancy filling scheme 16 February 2017
2017/00315 Information update (News) Government Commercial Organisation's pay and reward plans under fire 16 February 2017
2017/00295 Information update (News) Apprenticeships agreement opens up new avenues for Prospect 10 February 2017
2017/00108 Information update (News) MCA pay award busts Treasury’s pay cap 16 January 2017
2016/02281 Information update (News) Reform of toxic performance management is a “triumph for common sense” 08 December 2016
2016/02153 Information update (News) Autumn Statement: civil service must be helped to meet Brexit challenge 17 November 2016
2016/02101 Information update (News) Government implements civil service redundancy changes 10 November 2016
2016/02081 News release Brexit is hardest challenge says civil service chief 08 November 2016
2016/02080 Information update (News) Brexit is hardest challenge says civil service chief 08 November 2016