Recruitment leaflets

Recruitment leaflets

Our recruitment leaflets help you to spread the word about Prospect and what we do.

Mentoring guide   info
A handbook for members undertaking the mentorship journey, either as mentor or mentee.

Social value and the prosperity agenda in defence   info
In this report we analyse the social value test and discuss its limitations. We look at alternative ways of measuring the defence contribution to the UK economy and consider whether a more direct approach might be a better way of delivering prosperity to the communities that rely on defence work.

Prospect and Bectu desk calendar 2022   info
A4 desk calendar 2022

Education and Children's Services recruitment leaflet   info
An interactive PDF designed to showcase why Prospect is the union for Education and Children's Services workers.

A year with Prospect Legal – Oct 2021   info
Landscape A4 poster highlighting Prospect Legal successes from October 2020 to October 2021

Prospect Race Action Plan 2021   info
Racism shows up everywhere and it costs us all; some more directly than others. Over centuries, racism has been socially and economically constructed and embedded.

Achieving gender equality in pensions – Prospect’s 2021 report on the gender pension gap   info
In this year’s report we continue to report on the headline gender pension gap figures and break this down per UK nation. This year we take a closer look at the gender pension gap within different age tranches of retired members. This was an important piece of research to undertake as it will provide an indicator as to whether past policy changes by government have started to have an impact on reducing the gender pension gap for those younger pensioners.

Achieving gender equality in pensions 2021 - summary   info
A briefing summary of the key points in Prospect’s 2022 gender pension gap report

Branch organising plan checklist   info
Editable Word template

Building an inclusive culture at work: guide for energy sector members   info
A guide for Prospect members in the energy sector to building an inclusive workplace culture

Protecting workers' health and safety in renewable energy (concise version)   info
Summary version of the longer 'health and safety in renewable energy' booklet, with QR link to the full report.

Protecting workers' health and safety in renewable energy   info
The renewables industry has witnessed massive growth in the last decade, but this has not been accompanied by the robust health and safety processes we see in other forms of energy generation. As a result, professionals in renewables are exposed to a significantly higher risk of injury or ill-health.

Prospect statement of accounts 2020   info
Year ending 31 December 2020

Workplace action on the climate emergency – branch checklist   info
A Prospect checklist of what could your branch be doing to help tackle the climate emergency.

Prospect stress and mental health checklist   info
A 10-point checklist to appraise employer practices around promoting good mental health.

Gathering data on stress   info
Briefing for reps

Prospect gender pay gap report 2020   info
Facts and figures for Prospect's gender pay gap. 2020 report

A Just Transition – Managing the challenges of technology, trade, climate change and COVID-19   info
A report by David Coats, Visiting Professor, Centre for Sustainable Work and Employment Futures, University of Leicester Research Fellow, the Smith Institute

A Guide to Prospect/Bectu Legal Advice   info
A guide to legal advice and services provided by Prospect/Bectu to members

DPIA – Guide for union representatives   info
This guide sets out workers’ rights to be consulted about how our data is used through GDPR. Employers should be involving workers and their unions about how our data is used.

A decade of fighting for equality at work (Welsh language)   info
When necessary we will use the law robustly to fight against discrimination in all its forms. We have looked back over some of the legal highlights for Prospect members in the last decade

The state of Natural England 2019-20 – pay special   info
2019-20 Pay Special update

The state of Natural England 2020-21   info
2020-21 update – A view from Prospect – why we need a turnaround to revive the once flourishing Natural England for the good of the natural environment and the public of England.

Prospect – Supporting members in tough times   info
A4 double sided Publisher document adaptable for reps and branches.

A decade fighting for equality at work   info
When necessary we will use the law robustly to fight against discrimination in all its forms. We have looked back over some of the legal highlights for Prospect members in the last decade

Benefits of joining a union   info
A4 folding leaflet on the benefits of being a union member

Tips for reps – A practical guide to branch communications   info
This document contains useful advice for reps from how to hold online meetings, to writing to new members.

Green Recovery Plan for the UK Energy Sector   info
Prospect believes a green recovery plan for energy to help us get back on track to net zero is urgently needed, and we are proposing ten key areas for action.

Prospect statement of accounts 2019   info
Prospect is required by law to publish a statement to members for the year ending 31 December 2019

Dignity at work – a charter for the energy sector   info
Prospect's charter for the energy sector on: pay; fatigue, working time and stress; equality, diversity and inclusion; training and development.