Retaining members

Retaining members

Prospect is a union for life. Members can stay with us when they move to a new employer and when they retire. Our leaflet 'Staying with Prospect – why retention matters' and our retention factsheet aim to help branches get that message across.

Retention guideWhen members move on to work somewhere else, they don't need to leave the union.

People may change employers many times during their working lives. It’s important that they understand the benefits of staying in the union.

Even if they move on to a non-union employer, Prospect can continue to provide them with support and services. We can help to resolve problems at work – especially valuable in times of change. And members who are between jobs or retired get Prospect benefits at a reduced subscription rate.

Prospect routinely follows up members who leave, to explain that they can stay in the union. But it’s better if they don't leave in the first place. Branches can help to keep members in the union by letting them know why they should stay in Prospect.

Oretention toolkitur retention factsheet will help you to help your members when they leave your organisation – whatever the reason. It tells you how to target those members, and provides template emails/letters to send to them, whether they're:

  • going to a new job
  • leaving on redundancy
  • retiring.

Retention should be built into your branch's regular communications with members, to raise awareness of how Prospect supports professionals throughout their careers.

You may also find these resources helpful:

Moving On – a leaflet for existing members who are moving to a different employer, training for a change of career, temporarily unemployed in between contracts, or facing redundancy. It explains how to retain Prospect membership, and what benefits they can continue to receive.

Legal services guideA guide to Prospect legal advice – information for all Prospect members about the legal services we provide.

Retired membership leafletRetired membership – Any member retiring from employment, whether because of age, sickness or redundancy, can become a retired member. This leaflet sets out the services available to them.