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ID Document type Title Publication date
2023/01280 Leaflet/booklet Your success stories in renewable energy: How Prospect makes the difference for our energy members 29 November 2023
2023/00878 Leaflet/booklet An independent and expert voice at Equinor UK Offshore Wind 04 September 2023
2023/00182 Circular: Standard Electricity industry national health and safety committee (HESAC) update pack 09/02/2023 21 February 2023
2022/01019 Leaflet/booklet Electricity industry violince principles 14 November 2022
2022/00949 Leaflet/booklet Your success stories: How Prospect makes the difference for our energy members 26 October 2022
2022/00942 Briefing Electricity industry national HESAC meeting update 21 October 2022
2021/00759 Leaflet/booklet Protecting workers' health and safety in renewable energy (concise version) 17 August 2021
2021/00752 Leaflet/booklet Protecting workers' health and safety in renewable energy 13 August 2021
2021/00490 Leaflet/booklet A workforce investment plan for our energy networks 20 May 2021
2021/00146 Leaflet/booklet A Just Transition – Managing the challenges of technology, trade, climate change and COVID-19 02 February 2021
2020/01377 Information update (News) Prospect energy survey 2020 results 14 December 2020
2020/01052 Briefing A Just Transition plan for the UK Power Sector 13 October 2020
2020/00952 Information update (News) Prospect pushes importance of green recovery at TUC Congress 15 September 2020
2020/00951 Information update (News) RWM Profiles: Cara Cusworth, project support 15 September 2020
2020/00949 Information update (News) Energy sector moving out of lockdown survey results 15 September 2020
2020/00944 Information update (News) Prospect ‘deeply disappointed’ with Ofgem’s draft determinations for RIIO-2 14 September 2020
2020/00943 Information update (News) ENA reaffirms commitment to safe working during COVID-19 14 September 2020
2020/00918 Information update (News) NIC: Falling cost of renewables strengthens case for faster deployment 26 August 2020
2020/00914 Information update (News) Online panel launches Prospect Green Recovery Plan 25 August 2020
2020/00913 Information update (News) National Grid ESO publishes Future of Energy report 2020 25 August 2020
2020/00912 Information update (News) New £10m hydrogen trial for heating homes 25 August 2020
2020/00805 Leaflet/booklet Green Recovery Plan for the UK Energy Sector 23 July 2020
2020/00699 Information update (News) RWM Profiles: Dr. Rachel Roffe, head of stakeholder relations 15 June 2020
2020/00693 Information update (News) Energy networks reaffirm commitment to work safety during COVID-19 11 June 2020
2020/00692 Information update (News) Prospect supports Energy & Utilities Skills strategy launch 11 June 2020
2020/00646 Information update (News) RenewableUK sets vision for our energy system of the future 28 May 2020
2020/00643 Information update (News) Green jobs for unemployed to help meet net zero, says SMF 27 May 2020
2020/00598 Information update (News) Continuing poor behaviour at Atkins extends to global parent group 11 May 2020
2020/00573 Information update (News) Prospect dismay at WS Atkins’ ‘highly contentious’ COVID-19 response 30 April 2020
2020/00366 Information update (News) Scottish offshore wind consultation: Set ambitious targets and ramp up activity, says Prospect 11 March 2020