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2019/01009 Information update (News) Welcome for big milestone at Hinkley Point C 28 June 2019
2019/00937 Information update (News) Waiting for the wind to change 14 June 2019
2019/00900 Information update (News) Investment across all low carbon generation, including nuclear, is essential 07 June 2019
2019/00866 Information update (News) Prospect energy members vote to unite the sector 04 June 2019
2019/00729 Information update (News) Net Zero should not come at the expense of workers 02 May 2019
2019/00637 Information update (News) The panel: Is 100% renewables possible in the UK? 10 April 2019
2019/00636 Information update (News) Audience Q&A: Is 100% renewables possible in the UK? 10 April 2019
2019/00635 Information update (News) How can we make political progress on energy policy? 10 April 2019
2019/00627 Information update (News) SONI strike action is on the way 08 April 2019
2019/00622 Information update (News) Spotlight on renewables and energy policy at Prospect summit 05 April 2019
2019/00457 Information update (News) Offshore wind sector deal welcome but needs more on union role 07 March 2019
2019/00430 Information update (News) Feeling the brisk wind of change 04 March 2019
2019/00428 Information update (News) Scottish Power’s record £2bn investment for clean energy 04 March 2019
2019/00403 Information update (News) "Let’s take advantage of the opportunities in renewables" 28 February 2019
2019/00402 Information update (News) Labour seeks input for green revolution 28 February 2019
2019/00274 Information update (News) The premature closure of Cottam power station will be a huge blow to workers 07 February 2019
2019/00140 Information update (News) Ministers need to get a grip on energy crisis following Wylfa announcement 17 January 2019
2019/00088 Information update (News) Prospect joins Scottish Just Transition Commission 12 January 2019
2018/02139 Information update (News) Parliamentary launch for Prospect’s push on renewable energy 19 December 2018
2018/02120 Information update (News) SSE cancels merger with Npower 17 December 2018
2018/01985 Information update (News) Capacity Market suspension risks jobs warns Prospect 15 November 2018
2018/01954 Information update (News) Moorside announcement devastating news for Cumbria and the wider energy sector 08 November 2018
2018/01947 Information update (News) E.ON and RWE merger shakes up renewables 08 November 2018
2018/01943 Information update (News) Prospect issues warning on UK generating capacity 07 November 2018
2018/01836 Leaflet/booklet Making the case for new nuclear – A briefing from Prospect union 17 October 2018
2018/01828 Information update (News) Scottish Power Generation staff must be protected 16 October 2018
2018/01826 Information update (News) Prospect welcomes Dounreay jobs announcement 16 October 2018
2018/01769 Information update (News) Scotland can lead on energy revolution, says Prospect 09 October 2018
2018/01692 Information update (News) Hinkley Point shows the jobs and energy security new nuclear will bring 27 September 2018
2018/01614 Information update (News) Unions back a just transition for energy workers 11 September 2018