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How we support our members

Pay review

Prospect works hard each year to ensure our members get a good deal on pay and we keep them updated on how negotiations are proceeding. We take instructions from our members, and each member will get a vote to either accept or reject the final offer the Fund makes. Non-members get very limited information about pay and cannot influence the final decision whether to accept or reject the offer. Be empowered and join Prospect!

Covid 19 Response

  • Home working allowance

Prospect were at the forefront of raising the HMRC working from home allowance and encouraging the Fund to consider supporting staff to claim this via expenses. We are absolutely delighted the Fund have agreed to pay staff the £6 rate backdated to April 2020 to contribute to the additional cost of working from home. Details on how to do this are available on the intranet.

Supporting members to receive equipment during pandemic

We worked together with the People Team to assist members to successfully claim equipment and support suitable adjustments for their home working environment.

Returning to Work

We requested risk registers for all offices are openly available and have fed into these to support members when we are able to make a safe return to our offices. The sharing of risk assessments is a great step in making sure colleagues are making an informed choice about returning to the office.  

Actively contribute at regular Health and Safety Meetings and we understand the importance of keeping informed and up to date on issues as situations change. For example, presenting recent advice on airborne transition particles and the spread of Covid.

Star Awards

Highlighting inequalities in distribution data and supporting the People Team, and inputting our members views, regarding a replacement for the Star Awards.


We have challenged the People Team, to ensure all job vacancies are available in any location and that salary levels reflect our agreed pay structure.

Our campaigns

The Branch runs regular campaigns looking at all sorts of issues around the environment, the workplace and charitable support. Through this work we seek to make a difference and work to further improve how the Fund works.

In the past we have:

  • supported Water Aid by donating old mobile phones
  • raised awareness of the impact of palm oil
  • collected old glasses from colleagues for Vision Aid’s Sight for Sore Eyes campaign
  • organised sessions with The Charity for Civil Servants across a number of offices to make members aware of the support they can provide
  • delivered pension sessions with our Prospect Pensions Officer
  • organised donations for Shelter at Christmas (Scotland branch)
  • volunteered to support the ‘Crisis at Christmas’ campaign which offers a lifeline to vulnerable homeless people at what can often be a difficult time of year (England and Scotland branches)

If you have any ideas of other campaigns or issues get in touch with one of our team

Menopause campaign

In September 2018, Prospect started a campaign focusing on the menopause.   

The menopause is a subject which is rarely discussed but will affect all women at some stage in their lives. We choose to campaign on this issue because approximately 65% of all staff in the Fund are female. With an ageing workforce, the menopause will also have increasing impact in the workplace and specifically, within the Fund. 

Prospect worked with the People Team to ensure that members experiencing the menopause now receive appropriate support, that staff and particularly line mangers are aware of how they can support colleagues, and that everyone's wellbeing is protected. The Fund produced a new policy and Peppy Menopause was added to the Fund’s healthcare package (Peppy Healthy Minds), where colleagues can access free, bespoke consultations for advice and signposting with a menopause health professional.

EU citizens

Prospect full-time officer Anna Farey wrote to the Fund regarding Prospect's campaign to end uncertainty for workers from the 27 EU countries, who are living and working in the United Kingdom, following the 2016 EU membership referendum. 

The letter states that we agree with the Exiting the European Union Select Committee, that people who came to the UK in good  faith and have made valuable contributions to the UK economy should not have to pay a fee for a status that is being retrospectively applied. .

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If you want more information or wish to act on any of these important issues/campaigns, then join us!