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This is the public page for the Prospect Scotland Football Referees Branch, the professional trade union for senior football referees in Scotland. This branch is growing in numbers and our members include Scotland's top match officials. 

We are linked, but remain with our own separate identity, to the Prospect Sports Professionals branch which represents football referees in England and Wales. We're working closely with our English counterparts to push for improved conditions for all our members. 

In 2016, Prospect conducted a survey of our referee members in Scotland and the results showed clearly that our members are unhappy with deal that they get from the Scottish Football Association.

Our survey showed that seven out of ten of the senior Scottish referees believe that the fees paid by the Scottish Football Association do not reflect the time and effort they put into the job. Most importantly, the survey found that more than 93% of referees want the SFA to engage with a professional union to negotiate on their behalf.  Read the full news article here

However we believe that negotiations need to be with a fully independent trade union, one that offers its members external professional support, access to training and legal advice. This is the only way to get the best deal for referees. Our existing members are seeking recognition from the SFA in order to set up these negotiations and by joining them you and your fellow referees can help build the strength in numbers that will make this happen. For just a very small monthly fee you can help build better working conditions for Scottish referees.

Together you are stronger, Join us today.


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