branch structure chartBranches are the key unit of organisation for our members.

There are over 400 branches in Prospect.

Most are employer-based, ie members of a branch all work for the same employer even if they're scattered across the UK in different locations. Others operate across a number of employers in the same industry.

We also have regional branches which cover various groups of members that are too small to form their own branches, or individual members who work for employers where Prospect is not recognised.

Bigger branches are sub-divided into sections, and maybe sub-sections.


website posterOver 100 of our branches now have their own eBranch - a microsite which they use to communicate direct with their own members. Most of their content is restricted to members of that branch, but some have pages which can be seen by all users. 

Find out more about the eBranch system.

Below is a list of all the eBranches with public content. (If you're logged-in, you'll see a list of all our active eBranches; those which are underlined have got one or more public pages.)

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