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2018/00315 Information update (News) AEAT Pension Scheme members boosted by call for independent investigation 22 February 2018
2017/00997 Leaflet/booklet A New Deal for Nuclear 30 June 2017
2018/01250 Information update (News) Anglo-French seminar on nuclear skills 29 June 2018
2012/01106 Leaflet/booklet At your service – Thank you to Prospect 11 July 2012
2017/00965 Information update (News) Audit Office report on Hinkley C is “deeply worrying” 23 June 2017
2017/00706 Information update (News) Ballot on nuclear pensions reform back on 27 April 2017
2017/00569 Information update (News) Calls to rethink Magnox decision 27 March 2017
2020/00698 Information update (News) Challenges and opportunities discussed at ‘One NDA’ virtual meeting 15 June 2020
2018/00343 Information update (News) Clear majority in House of Commons to keep us in Euratom after Corbyn speech 26 February 2018
2016/01324 Information update (News) CMA report distracts from main energy issues, says Prospect 24 June 2016
2017/00934 Information update (News) Concern over Babcock International pension proposals 16 June 2017
2017/00790 Information update (News) Conservative silence on nuclear energy is worrying 18 May 2017
2018/00961 Information update (News) Consultation on nuclear pension reform 16 May 2018
2020/00598 Information update (News) Continuing poor behaviour at Atkins extends to global parent group 11 May 2020
2018/01228 Information update (News) Could one rep's mission to save Trawsfynydd change the face of UK energy? 27 June 2018
2017/00061 Information update (News) Dounreay meeting fails to resolve pay dispute 11 January 2017
2016/01551 Information update (News) EDF board urged to take final decision on Hinkley 27 July 2016
2016/01552 News release EDF board urged to take final decision on Hinkley Point C 27 July 2016
2020/00943 Information update (News) ENA reaffirms commitment to safe working during COVID-19 14 September 2020
2020/00949 Information update (News) Energy sector moving out of lockdown survey results 15 September 2020
2016/01561 Information update (News) Energy union welcomes Hinkley decision 28 July 2016
2018/00965 Information update (News) Environmental Audit Committee report strengthens case for new energy investment 17 May 2018
2016/01233 Information update (News) E.ON shareholders vote to split the utility into two businesses 09 June 2016
2018/00599 Information update (News) Euratom update fails to address key concern on nuclear 27 March 2018
2017/00630 Information update (News) Exit cap risks nuclear pension reform 06 April 2017
2019/01184 Information update (News) Geological disposal best option for managing radioactive waste 29 July 2019
2018/00962 Information update (News) Government mishandling of Euratom highlighted by Sky News 16 May 2018
2017/01604 Information update (News) Government must commit to nuclear to protect expertise and jobs 11 October 2017
2018/02109 Information update (News) Government responds to consultation on nuclear pension reform 11 December 2018
2017/01968 Information update (News) Government signals that UK could stay in European Aviation Safety Agency 01 December 2017