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ID Document type Title Publication date
2007/00592 Employment law briefing Mobility obligations 20 January 2010
2008/00561 News release Prospect wins funding for workplace framework to support Millennium development goals 13 May 2008
2008/00564 News release Union anger at Midlands jobs blow 18 March 2008
2006/20480 News release Strong demand from UK engineers for work down under 10 May 2006
2009/01752 News release Prospect attacks media war against defence civilians 12 November 2009
2010/01836 News release Union to set record straight on defence civilians 08 March 2010
2011/00246 Information update (News) Offshoring and Relocation of work from Hayes and Manchester 06 April 2011
2024/00287 Briefing New migration rules: threat to UK science and STEM 28 March 2024