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2019/01708 Information update (News) British Library members reject pay offer 13 November 2019
2019/01707 Information update (News) British Museum members reject pay offer 12 November 2019
2019/01669 Information update (News) MOD makes divisive and damaging pay offer 08 November 2019
2019/01641 Information update (News) National Galleries of Scotland increase delivers 3-4% 06 November 2019
2019/01635 Information update (News) Indicative ballot on industrial action at Natural England 06 November 2019
2019/01633 Information update (News) SONI members’ charity donation 06 November 2019
2019/01632 Information update (News) Scottish Power engineers vote for industrial action 06 November 2019
2019/01630 Information update (News) Stalemate on pay at the Ministry of Defence 06 November 2019
2019/01514 Information update (News) Highways England members consider industrial action over pay dispute 10 October 2019
2019/01424 Information update (News) Prospect condemns Home Office treatment of its specialist staff 18 September 2019
2019/01408 Information update (News) Scottish Government approves Historic Environment Scotland’s pay offer 17 September 2019
2019/01404 Information update (News) Transport for London refuses to move on pay 16 September 2019
2019/01396 Information update (News) Jersey’s civil servants reject latest pay offer 13 September 2019
2019/01381 Information update (News) Defence workers stand firm on cuts to terms and conditions 12 September 2019
2019/01380 Information update (News) Pay offer divides Scottish prison staff 11 September 2019
2019/01272 Information update (News) National Gallery reps secure 3% increase on basic pay 22 August 2019
2019/01264 Information update (News) Tate sets the pace on pay in the heritage sector 21 August 2019
2019/01262 Information update (News) Jersey civil servants continue campaign for fair pay 20 August 2019
2019/01139 Information update (News) Double standards on pay shows either ignorance or disdain for what the civil service does 19 July 2019
2019/00998 Information update (News) Pay talks turn sour at horticultural research station 26 June 2019
2019/00980 Information update (News) Environment Agency staff to take action on pay 24 June 2019
2019/00945 Information update (News) Prospect accepts Scottish Government pay deal 17 June 2019
2019/00935 Information update (News) Prime minister’s final snub for civil service 13 June 2019
2019/00906 Information update (News) Science Museum Group to ballot on industrial action over pay 10 June 2019
2019/00821 Information update (News) Prospect ballots on Scottish Government Pay 23 May 2019
2019/00790 Information update (News) Guernsey health workers run out of patience on pay 15 May 2019
2019/00768 Information update (News) Prospect announces HIAL air traffic controller strike for 23 May 09 May 2019
2019/00747 Information update (News) Closing the ethnicity and disability pay gaps 07 May 2019
2019/00745 Information update (News) We want a decent pay rise, not a thank you letter say public servants 07 May 2019
2019/00743 Information update (News) Women at ENO break equal pay barrier 07 May 2019