Documents of type: Briefing


Document type: Briefing

These documents have the following classifications: Committee: [C01X02] NEC Equal Opps Advisory Sub Committee


There are 7 documents that match the specified criteria.

ID Document type Title Publication date
2013/01192 Briefing Disability discrimination and appraisal and performance systems 17 September 2013
2013/00219 Briefing Pre-employment health questions 08 February 2013
2012/00458 Briefing Update on statutory codes of practice on the Public Sector Equality Duty 22 March 2012
2012/00008 Briefing Public Sector Equality Duty: revised guidance 04 January 2012
2011/00418 Briefing Public Sector Equality Duty 08 April 2011
2011/00416 Briefing The Equality Act 2010: positive action measures 08 April 2011
2009/00321 Briefing Access policy for Prospect events 23 March 2009