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Building an inclusive culture at work: guide for energy sector members   info
A guide for Prospect members in the energy sector to building an inclusive workplace culture

Protecting workers' health and safety in renewable energy (concise version)   info
Summary version of the longer 'health and safety in renewable energy' booklet, with QR link to the full report.

Protecting workers' health and safety in renewable energy   info
The renewables industry has witnessed massive growth in the last decade, but this has not been accompanied by the robust health and safety processes we see in other forms of energy generation. As a result, professionals in renewables are exposed to a significantly higher risk of injury or ill-health.

Prospect statement of accounts 2020   info
Year ending 31 December 2020

A workforce investment plan for our energy networks   info
Prospect has repeatedly called for a regulatory framework that holds companies accountable for investment in their net zero workforce. Important decisions on budgets for training and skills development, health and safety, and workforce diversity will, in the 2020s, shape companies’ ability to respond quickly and effectively to the net zero challenge. To use Ofgem’s terminology, we need to see a more vigorous and transparent approach to deliver ‘workforce resilience’,

Workplace action on the climate emergency – branch checklist   info
A Prospect checklist of what could your branch be doing to help tackle the climate emergency.

Delivering the prosperity agenda in defence   info
Prospect Defence Industry Group – The UK is a leading defence power in Europe and a key NATO organisation. To retain this position, the country needs to invest in military capabilities across a full range of defence domains.

Prospect stress and mental health checklist   info
A 10-point checklist to appraise employer practices around promoting good mental health.

Gathering data on stress   info
Briefing for reps

Prospect gender pay gap report 2020   info
Facts and figures for Prospect's gender pay gap. 2020 report

A Just Transition – Managing the challenges of technology, trade, climate change and COVID-19   info
A report by David Coats, Visiting Professor, Centre for Sustainable Work and Employment Futures, University of Leicester Research Fellow, the Smith Institute

A Guide to Prospect/Bectu Legal Advice   info
A guide to legal advice and services provided by Prospect/Bectu to members