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Prospect Hydrographic Office

What we do



Who are we?

  • Prospect is the largest union at UKHO and is formally recognized by UKHO.  
  • We represent civil servants, scientists and specialists across the UK, not just at UKHO.  
  • We are politically independent (which gives us greater influence) and are not affiliated with any political party.  
  • We are member-led. This means we are democratic and rely on direction from our members. We work for our members and our members instruct us what to campaign on and how to negotiate on pay, terms and conditions

What do we do?

  • We Negotiate changes to terms and conditions, pay and pensions.
  • We provide trained support to our members when they are in need. This could include absence, sickness and disciplinary procedures. This is your ‘workplace insurance’!
  • We have specially-trained Health & Safety reps to help keep us safe. 
  • We have a trained mental health rep available to support members and we constantly work to improve mental health and wellbeing on-site. 
  • We campaign on many other issues including Diversity & Inclusion, Bullying & Harassment, Menopause & Green Issues. We cover a lot of ground! 

How do we do it?

  • We have a good working relationship with management and regularly attend meetings with the Chief Executive and with HR. 
  • We are evidence-based and provide constructive feedback. We focus on what is important to our members and back it up with evidence such as member surveys and Prospect research. 
  • We operate with a Branch Council of elected reps with a demographic representative of our members. This includes a good spread of age and gender. We are not the stereotypical ‘old boys’ club – we are very much a modern trade union! 
  • Our reps are fully trained and there is a wealth of experience in branch. We are also backed-up by full-time staff at HQ who support us when needed.
  • We engage constantly with our members. It is critical we act on your behalf, keep you informed and seek your input. 


For more information, or if you have any questions, please contact one of our reps.

If you would like to join us, click here.