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Why join a Trade Union?

In austere times such as these when our paymasters seem determined to ignore and undermine collective representation by trade unions, it can be tempting to think there is no point in spending your hard earned cash to become a member. However now is exactly the time you really should be thinking of joining. Why? To send a strong message that we as hard working civil servants will not tolerate imposed pay freezes and below inflation pay rises any longer.  The road towards improved pay and working conditions has never been an easy one. If we are to make any progress in achieving fairer pay and improvements to our living conditions we need to be prepared to do something about it. To do that we will all need the legal protection and guidance of Prospect, the officially recognised Trade Union within the Met Office.

Prospect is an independent, politically neutral union, run and funded by members. We are the UK’s tenth largest union with almost 120,000 members working as Civil Servants and in the private sector as specialists in defence, energy, aviation, transport, heritage and  telecoms. Our size, composition and independence helps us challenge unfair ministerial decisions regardless of party politics and ensures that it is members who make decisions about their working lives.

The union is a modern, progressive one and members are encouraged to participate in their local union Branch such as here at the Met Office. After all, it’s your union so why not make use of it, and that includes a host of worthwhile individual services. These include;

  • Free legal advice for matters occurring outside of work
  • A free will writing service
  • Access to a financial advisor, free of charge in your workplace or another location of your choice
  • Networking and career support opportunities including mentoring - these can be particularly beneficial to young members and new Met Office employees.
  • Support and advice if you get into difficulties in your job or encounter problems - from local intervention to legal representation
  • A vote on matters which affect your terms and conditions including pay
  • Having your views represented and expressed to senior managers and union officials on your behalf

Please don't wait until you need us to join, we can't help you with any pre-existing matters. Problems can and do occur within the Met Office. Union Membership is essentially an insurance policy for your job, in addition to being a means of joining forces with your colleagues to protect and, where possible, improve your working conditions.

Come and talk to any member of Branch Council or email us to find out more. You can also join online (link below).

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