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Welcome to the NPL Prospect eBranch

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This site is used to outline NPL's branch activities, and allow Members to communicate with Branch Officers and each other in a non-NPL environment.

Health and Safety issue?

Anyone (Members and non-members) can contact one of the Branch Health and Safety Reps listed at the bottom of this page to discuss safety concerns. During office hours only please.

If you wish to join the NPL Branch of Prospect you can do so here:

Or contact any of the local Representatives listed below (during office hours only please).

Reps may also be contacted using the generic Branch email address:

[email protected]

Alternatively you can call the Branch mobile (during office hours) on: 07936 421441

Science is a wonderful thing if one does not have to earn one's living at it.
 Albert Einstein

Branch Representatives

 Clive Scoggins   Prospect Negotiations Officer   [email protected]
 Nick McCormick  Module 9   x 6377  President
 Keith Lines   Module 2   x 6016   Secretary
 Tony Mansfield   Module 1   x 7029   Treasurer
 Steve Austin   Module 12   x 6470   Membership Officer
 Tony Mansfield   Module 1   x 7029   Pensions Rep
 John Molloy   Module 3   x 6189   Young Professionals Rep
 Matt Cashmore  Building 53  x 6311  Science & Engineering  Board Rep
 Sanjiv Mooneeram  Module 4  x 7069  Equality & Diversity Rep
 Vacancy         Union Learning Rep
 Vacancy         Environment Rep
 Kevin Lees   Module 2   x 6269   BEC member
 Katherine Dunne  Module 5  x 6864  BEC member
 Louise Wright   Module 2   x 6446   BEC member
 Peter Davis   Module 2   x 8580   BEC member
 Sandro Muzzi   NPLFM   0750 4237509   NPLFM (Bouygues)
 Sunday Oloyede   NPLFM   x 6021   NPLFM (Bouygues)
 Lisa Tomkins   Module 14   x 6465  NPLFM (Elior)

The following Prospect members are recognised Branch Health and Safety Representatives.

They can address any H&S concerns of any staff member:

 NPL:   Module 9   Tony Maxwell   x 6454 
   Module 2   Adrian Wheaton   x 6235 
   Module 4   Shafiqul Aziz   x 6897 
   Module 7  Jon Helmore  x 6422
 NPLFM:     Sandro Muzzi   0750 4237509 

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