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How Prospect helped me – what our members say

Quotes from members:

  • I would highly recommend joining Prospect, their care, support, advice, discretion and professionalism has been of the upmost value to me personally, when I was struggling through a few difficult periods.  Definitely worth their weight in gold!
  • I’ve felt listened to and appreciated that I could choose how involved I wanted them to be. I trust them to speak on my behalf on things that matter to me
  • It is good to know that I have approachable union reps who are happy to give advice and support in these situations.
  • I have been able to have a confidential chat about work situations that have been bothering me
  • It was nice to be listened to and I knew I wanted to join after that phone call.
  • After making enquiries about joining it was really nice to have the offer of a phone call and actually have a chat about my general concerns.
  • Prospect have supported me through a difficult situation and have stood in my corner when it mattered.
  • I have turned to Prospect union representatives for advice and support
  • Prospect provided one to one support when I needed it most
  • The reps are there as a listening ear, for guidance and to take any necessary formal steps. 
  • Your support has been invaluable, making the difference in me staying with the fund
  • The Prospect Union rep gave very balanced, proper, and impartial advice
  • Never be too frightened to ask for help and support with Prospect
  • Being a Prospect member can help managers/leaders just as much as officers.
  • Valuable advice

Testimonial from member:

I recently had a reason to call upon Prospect Union for some personal advice with regards to specialist equipment; in order to continue working from home for a longer period, due to the COVID-19 restrictions.

Working for the TNL Community Fund I am aware that my employer applies a responsible approach to ensure employees are effectively supported with regards to their health and wellbeing: and as such I have had the benefit of reasonable adjustments within the office environment. However, as the pandemic restrictions continue and employees continue to work from home for the foreseeable future, I felt it was necessary to explore further reasonable adjustments to be transferred into my home environment. I was unsure of how to effectively navigate such a request and sort advice from my union representative.

The Union representative explored my enquiry directly with the Senior People Business Partner and laid solid foundations; I was therefore in a position to make contact directly with the relevant Employee Case Relations Advisor and provide the information required to enable her to make a considered judgement. This resulted in a positive outcome.

The Prospect union representatives work well both with the Fund and its members and this collaborative approach helped me with the seamless process for myself to move forward in making appropriate enquiries to better support my wellbeing and therefore continue effectively working from home.

In a fast changing and challenging environment this support, and advice was invaluable and demonstrates the personal touch that is afforded to union members.

Thank you Prospect