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easyJet extends Protection Promise policy for 2022 including fee

Welcome to the Prospect @ easyJet ebranch site

Prospect is a major union within easyJet, representing engineering production staff. In these areas we negotiate all terms and conditions for employees, including pay.

Prospect is the independent trade union for almost 150,000 members employed as specialists in science and technology, defence, heritage, energy, agriculture, environment, aviation and transport sectors. The union is run and funded by members and exists to benefit their interests in a variety of ways.

As the union representing you, we will always do our best to ensure that your views, needs, and wants are represented at all levels of the organisation.

The more members that we have within your workplace the greater changes we can make, and the greater our collective strength in our dealings with management to ensure that easyJet continues to be a good place to work.

We also actively encourage Personal Contract employees and those staff who are in the administrative or office based areas to join. Whilst we cannot negotiate on Personal Contract pay or pay outside of our collectively bargained areas, many of the policies that we agree will apply to all employees and you are entitled to access a wide range of Prospect member services, including support with issues such as Disciplinary and Grievance processes. If enough members join in these areas we can expand our recognition to cover you in the collective bargaining processes.

Partnership Agreement & Engineering Negotiating Committee - ENC

Through the Partnership Agreement with easyJet, Prospect have sole recognition and bargaining rights for pay, hours and holidays for all easyJet E&M Production employees (non-M&A), with the exception of Managers (defined by the Company as all existing or future management levels above supervisor) and employees who are covered by another collective agreement under TUPE, to the exclusion of all other Trade Unions.

Your volunteer representatives form the Engineering Negotiating Committee, ENC, to represent the rights and opinion of members.

Each new member makes us stronger and more effective at what we do. You will be able to air views on matters of importance to you, and strengthen the membership and voice of all staff. With our pay agreements ending in October, your voice is important for any negotiations, through communications such as email and surveys. You are also eligible for support with any other industrial related matters.

Please see the links below for more information, including points of contact and how to join, as there is never a better time than now, to join your recognised Union.

The views expressed on this site are not necessarily the views of Prospect nationally.