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Prospect Disability Analysts

CHDA are responsible for delivering perhaps one of the most challenging contracts for the Department of Work and Pensions. Through this contract, the highly skilled Healthcare Professionals employed by CHDA work with the Department of Work and Pensions to provide the health assessments related to Employment Support Allowance, Universal Credit, Industrial Injuries, War Pensions and a number of other benefits.

The lofty contractual targets focussing on quality, volumes and customer service contribute to this being a high pressure and high expectation business. While a comprehensive employee benefits package and occupational health department are in place to support staff, concerns are often raised around stress, management issues and workload.

The team in the Disability Analyst Branch of Prospect work closely with CHDA to better support staff within the business. The goal of the Prospect is not to work against CHDA but to collaborate, aiming to create a more positive working environment that will enable staff to perform optimally while maintaining their work-life balance.

Though we benefit from a good working relationship with CHDA, Prospect are primarily here to support our members. The team in this Branch are experienced in handling personal cases within the context of this business and we negotiate tirelessly on behalf of our members.

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