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Welcome to the Wales/Cymru Retired Members Group eBranch. We want to make this site interesting and useful and are always ready to consider suggestions from RMG members.

Please contact us via the Prospect Wales email address: [email protected]  who will be able to aswer your enquiry or refer you to a colleague who can help.

RMG Wales members can get access to the full eBranch content by logging into the Prospect website. You'll then see a link to 'your eBranch'.

If you haven't already registered to use the members' area of the Prospect site, go to and click on on the link to 'new user' on the right-hand side. Enter your surname, membership number and home postcode. These will be checked against the Prospect membership database, and if they are verified you will be asked to set up a personal password and a reminder question and answer.

At the end of the registration process you will automatically be logged into the members' area and should see the link to 'your eBranch' on the right-hand side.

On future visits to the site, click on the 'member login' link on the right, and enter either your membership number or email address, plus the password you created when you registered.

About Prospect's retired members group (RMG)

Retired and unemployed members of Prospect are entitled to become Retired Members. They have the same rights to privileges and services, except for the death benefit.

If a member is elected as a National Representative of the Retired Members Group (RMG) they have the right to attend as a delegate the National Conference, however they cannot be included in a card vote but can vote in all hand votes on every motion or subject but using their discretion.

If a member has retired he/she must be in continuous membership without a break at retirement (ie cannot join if a break occurs, join as a retired member without previously being a working member or rejoin). Additionally, if a retired member takes re-employment (after formal retirement even at (say) a DIY store or as a supermarket stacker part time or full time), then they no longer retain retired membership but have to pay the full working member subscription for the period concerned.


The aim of the group is to look after the interests of its members. We can provide an advice service on issues such as Pensions and any other topics or concerns they may wish to discuss.


The Group that currently consists of approximately 22,000 members is organised into 21 geographical areas. Members are allocated to a branch by postcode. South Wales has approx 875 members and consists of members living in the following postcode districts:CF LD NP SA SY

The views expressed on this site are not necessarily the views of Prospect nationally.