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RMG Southern Area

The RMG Southern Area is broadly defined by the postcodes BH, DT and TA, but members from other RMG Areas are very welcome to join us at meetings.

Retired members within the Area can access the additional, members-only pages by logging in to the Prospect website, and then clicking on Members, followed by Southern Retired Members Group.
(If you have not yet tried logging in, please see the How to Log in page below.)

Meeting dates (the AGM in October/November, and usually a summer meeting in May/June) will be shown on these pages shortly beforehand.

About the Retired Members Group

The Retired Members Group is open to retiring members of Prospect; for a description of its aims and services, please see Retired Members Group and the associated pages on the main Prospect website. A full Guide to the workings of the RMG can be found at Retired Members - a guide to Prospect organisation.

Please note that there are time restrictions on joining the RMG, after retirement; and members who work after retirement, even in completely new fields, may need to continue or resume full working membership. For fuller details, please see Retired Members Group - Join us.

The views expressed on this site are not necessarily the views of Prospect nationally.