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David Browning Memorial Quiz, Results

David Browning Memorial Quiz.

With questions ranging from ‘In which TV programme would you have found Looby Loo?’ (Andy Pandy) to ‘What is the dot on the letter ‘I’ called?’ (A tittle), there was something for everyone at the annual ‘David Browning Memorial Quiz’ held on the 29th November.

Scores ranged from a magnificent full house of ’20 out of 20’ for a couple of teams on their stronger subjects to an interesting ‘2 out of 20’ to another team on one of their weaker subjects!  Final scores ranged from 77% for the winning team, ‘The F.W’s’, to 40% at the other end of the scale.

There were 8 subjects in all with ‘Pictures of Royalty’ generally pulling in the higher scores, although there was some confusion about which was Princess Eugenie (pictured on the beach) and which was Princess Beatrice (with an interesting hat).  However a picture of Princess Margaret in the bath fooled no-one, nor did a picture of Princess Anne in a less than stable moment at the top of Smith Street!

During the evening, a raffle was held with prizes that were generously offered from local suppliers and which included a sheepskin rug, a fine picture of a local sea scene and gift vouchers.

Apart from being an opportunity for members and their family and friends to get together socially and have an enjoyable and challenging time, there was another motive behind the evening and that was to help raise funds for the Friends of Saumarez Park Playground and the event successfully raised almost £400 for that cause and which will be presented to the charity shortly.

With the 2012 quiz now behind us, it is time to start to get the books out and to do a little swotting up and preparation for the next one.  Oh, and don’t forget to check out funny names for bits of punctuation!

The Association would like to thank all those who have helped to make this evening a success and it is very grateful for the support it has received for the raffle prizes that have been generously offered.

  • Babbé Legal

£50 Creasey’s Voucher

  • Carpet Selection Centre (CI) Ltd


  • Channel Island Toys

Teddy Bear

  • Creasey’s

Glass Flower Vase

  • D.W.A. (Arundell & Co.)

Sheepskin Rug

  • Earlswood Nurseries

£20 Gift Voucher

  • Karl Taylor

Guernsey – Light and Motion

  • Karl Taylor

Block mounted print

  • Lucas House

Rechargeable Inspection Lamp

  • R W Randall

Case of Patois Beers

  • Anon

Wine and chocolates