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Prospect Scottish Football Referees

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Is this the union for me?

If you are a referee of any category working in Scotland then Prospect, union for professionals can help and support you in your role. 

2) How much will it cost?

The amount you pay will depend on how much you earn from match fees. If you earn less than £13,353 per year then your subscription will be £1.28 per month. If you are already a Prospect member in your other full time role, speak to us about membership costs.

3) What are the benefits of joining a trade union?

Union membership gives you professional back-up by trained negotiators to complement the existing support of the SFRA. As a member you will also have access to the following.

      •  Professional employment support in your referee work from Prospect staff and individual representation
      •  Free membership of a personal injury scheme which covers you on the pitch and off it
      •  24hr access to a free legal helpline for non-work matters
      •  Various insurance discounts for your home, car and health and other benefits
      •  The chance to earn £10 for every new member you sign up to Prospect
      •  The ability to take part in our campaign to gain official recognition from the SFA

As outlined above, for all referees, joining a trade union can offer important benefits and protection. Our work with senior referees may also bring about additional benefits for you now and will certainly help you in future if you gain a senior position - so join today and support the campaign.

For senior referees, by joining you will be immediately helping support our campaign for recognition by the SFA. If we are successful,  in future Prospect will be able to negotiate match fees, terms and conditions with the SFA on your behalf. 

4) Will my employer know that I am a member?

Membership of a trade union is confidential data and you are protected under law if you suffer any detriment on the grounds of your trade union membership. Your employer will not have access to Prospect membership lists, these data are held securely by our membership team.

5) What is recognition?

Workers have a legal right to join a trade union, and if the majority of workers support it, a legal right for the union to be recognised. When a union has been recognised by an employer it can negotiate with that employer on pay and other terms and conditions - see more here. You and your colleagues can support this process today by joining Prospect. With your help, Prospect aim to become the recognised trade union for senior referees in the Scottish Football Association.