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2020/01377 Information update (News) Prospect energy survey 2020 results 14 December 2020
2020/00951 Information update (News) RWM Profiles: Cara Cusworth, project support 15 September 2020
2020/00949 Information update (News) Energy sector moving out of lockdown survey results 15 September 2020
2020/00944 Information update (News) Prospect ‘deeply disappointed’ with Ofgem’s draft determinations for RIIO-2 14 September 2020
2020/00943 Information update (News) ENA reaffirms commitment to safe working during COVID-19 14 September 2020
2020/00914 Information update (News) Online panel launches Prospect Green Recovery Plan 25 August 2020
2020/00805 Leaflet/booklet Green Recovery Plan for the UK Energy Sector 23 July 2020
2020/00699 Information update (News) RWM Profiles: Dr. Rachel Roffe, head of stakeholder relations 15 June 2020
2020/00698 Information update (News) Challenges and opportunities discussed at ‘One NDA’ virtual meeting 15 June 2020
2020/00598 Information update (News) Continuing poor behaviour at Atkins extends to global parent group 11 May 2020
2020/00573 Information update (News) Prospect dismay at WS Atkins’ ‘highly contentious’ COVID-19 response 30 April 2020
2020/00389 Information update (News) Loganair withdraws from Edinburgh-Wick air passenger route 13 March 2020
2020/00361 Information update (News) RWM profiles: John Corderoy, programme director 10 March 2020
2019/01867 Information update (News) Why we are launching our Dignity At Work charter 10 December 2019
2019/01863 Information update (News) Roadmap and commitment target to get more women in nuclear 09 December 2019
2019/01830 Information update (News) Nuclear industry's safety performance is sliding, says ONR 03 December 2019
2019/01670 Information update (News) Leading the way in health and safety 08 November 2019
2019/01566 Information update (News) Workers in renewables and nuclear supply chain must be aware of IR35 tax changes 22 October 2019
2019/01497 Information update (News) Unions show support for Sizewell C 04 October 2019
2019/01368 Information update (News) Unions vote for action on climate crisis 10 September 2019
2019/01184 Information update (News) Geological disposal best option for managing radioactive waste 29 July 2019
2019/01159 Information update (News) New build nuclear projects will create thousands of jobs - the new government needs to get serious and deliver 23 July 2019
2019/01009 Information update (News) Welcome for big milestone at Hinkley Point C 28 June 2019
2019/00900 Information update (News) Investment across all low carbon generation, including nuclear, is essential 07 June 2019
2019/00140 Information update (News) Ministers need to get a grip on energy crisis following Wylfa announcement 17 January 2019
2019/00074 Information update (News) Prospect response to reports Hitachi is suspending investment in Wylfa 11 January 2019
2018/02109 Information update (News) Government responds to consultation on nuclear pension reform 11 December 2018
2018/01954 Information update (News) Moorside announcement devastating news for Cumbria and the wider energy sector 08 November 2018
2018/01943 Information update (News) Prospect issues warning on UK generating capacity 07 November 2018
2018/01836 Leaflet/booklet Making the case for new nuclear – A briefing from Prospect union 17 October 2018