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Welcome to Moredun Branch.

We represent employees working within the Moredun Group, based at Pentlands Science Park in Edinburgh, Scotland. Join Us

Most of our members work within Moredun Research Institute, but we also have members working in and for other parts of the Moredun Group, such as Moredun Scientific and Pentlands Science Park Ltd.

The local Moredun Branch reps provide support and advice to members, and have helped members present cases for changes to their positions such as promotion and flexible working. Through the local Branch Executive Committee we regularly discuss relevant issues with management. These areas include pay, terms and conditions, local policies, health and safety, equality and diversity and environmental concerns. These areas are driven by both management and Union sides, so if you have concerns, make them known to your reps.

Branch reps and our full-time Prospect organiser regularly provide a membership stand in the link corridor - between the atrium and the Park Café - where we are happy to provide members and non-members with advice, information, leaflets and occasional other freebies. Please feel free to drop by and tell us about the issues that concern you.

You can join this branch if you work for the Moredun Group. This may be with Pentlands Science Park, Moredun Scientific or the Moredun Research Institute. You may be on the new "Moredun Group" terms or older (BBSRC) legacy tems and conditions. 

If you have questions you can contact a Branch rep. The current convenor is George Russell ([email protected]) and the membership rep is Paul Bartley ([email protected]), or simply email [email protected] with any queries.

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